Pizzomunno B&B Vieste

The legend of Pizzomunno

The Legend of Pizzomunno, that the inhabitants of Vieste handed down since ancient times, tells us the fascinating love story of two young Viestani (locals): Pizzomunno and Cristalda.
It is said that at a time when the current city was only a village of huts and inhabited by fishermen, there lived a tall and strong guy named Pizzomunno. In the same village also lived a girl of rare beauty, with long hairs, the color of the sun, called Cristalda. The young couple loved each other a sincere and timeless love. Pizzomunno went daily to the small beach to go to fishing with his boat. Off, sirens adored him and wanted to seduce him with their singing. Pizzomunno, loyal to his Cristalda, refused several times to become their lover. The sirens, jealous and angry, decided to punish the young man by dragging his beloved Cristalda in the depths of the sea, so as to take her away from forever. So it was that Pizzomunno was petrified by the pain and saw his body turn into the monolith that, even today, visitors to Vieste can see from the small beach that bears his name. Legend has it that the two young lovers meet upon the expiry of one hundred years to revive their passion in the short time of one night.

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